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P.O.Box 54, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

+2 069 3642 384

Ras Abu Galum Diving Safari



Do you like an adventurous life, to feel connected to nature and appreciate its magnificence. If you are a licensed diver and want a special and unique dive destination then come with us to the most beautiful national park of Egypt’s Red Sea ” Abu Galum ” which has been recognized as one of Egypt’s national park since 1996. This place has some amazing landscapes where the mountain connect to the sea and the sky in nature harmony, it has diversity in its ecology and marine system,
Desert mountain in Abu Galum is full of wild creatures, birds, and plants, 165 kind of life and 44 of which only exist in this area.
Under water is full of colors between coral reef that stretch along the coastline and fishes in many sizes and shapes as well as an underwater cave system that drops to a staggering 100m deep.

Now you have this information let’s tell you our plan:
Day 1 will move from dahab city at 8am to blue hole site by car then continue by camel to Abu Galum, after we drink our Beduin tea we get ready to dive twice in front of our huts in “Abu Ooda” dive spot then it’s time to watch clear night sky and the Milky Way.

Day 2 will start with an 8am breakfast then move to our second dive destination “The Rock” it’s full with table coral and many red tooth trigger fish so two dives there and lunch break in between.

Day 3 after our breakfast our third dive site is waiting for us “Dehila” just joy in this dive spot as you may not be able to see the coral just because so many fishes blocking the view. You have the choice to dive at night this day.

Day 4 we save the best for last the best ever underwater sponge coral its many and huge and this place called “khorimat” then exciting way back to dahab by boat.

This trip include all sort of transport in dahab city from and back Abu Galum NB, all food and soft-hot drinks, 8 Dives with full set of equipment with our elite dive instructor we are sure you will have fun and safe experience.
Price: 4000 LE \ 250 EURO
Book your spot now
Call 01002629534

Greeting from Adventure spot team and see you soon

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