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P.O.Box 54, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

+2 069 3642 384

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    Adventure Spot

    Way to excellency



The ocean covers %71 of the earth’s surface. If your goal is to “see the world” then you’ll need to learn to scuba dive.


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There’s a whole other world of excitement waiting under the sea for adventure travellers



Teaching scuba diving allows you to share your love of the aquatic world with others while doing what you enjoy.



The PADI Open Water Course is the most famous diving course in the world, First leap into the world of diving and the life style it has to offer!

You can either start the course upon arrival or get started before you go on holiday (PADI E-Learning) and spend less time in the classroom and more time on the beach! With the PADI Open Water Diver Course During 3-4 Days, you will be certified to a maximum depth of 18 meters (12 meters maximum depth for ages 10-12).

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You are already a certified diver and only wish to enjoy the beauty of Sinai reefs and environment?
Then we can show you all of it! Trust us; we know where to find the best dive sites for you. The team at Adventure Spot Divers explores and dives all of Dahab’s incredible underwater world, and you can join them on shore dives, camel and boat safaris!

Coral reefs, seagrass fields, sandy slopes, shallow and deep, reef walls and lagoons, there is a dive fit for everybody in Dahab.

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The PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) is a taster experience of what it’s like to learn scuba and feel the unique experience of the underwater weightless world!

The DSD program gives you an opportunity to see whether you enjoy scuba and enjoy the Adventure Spot Team! The DSD can classify as the first section of the PADI Open Water course. You can then decide whether you would like to continue on to PADI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver.

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Dive Against Debris

Due to the south wind blows, on 22nd March, Adventure Spot Dahab PADI 5 star dive resort will be participating {…}



Instructor Development Course

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Ras Abu Galum Diving Safari

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8 Must-Dive Tec Destinations

Technical diving is no easy feat, but it is a challenge that is highly rewarding and well worth the time spent learning the skills. Technical divers have the opportunity to see untouched spots that are {…}

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Plan Your End of Year Diving

It’s unfortunate but true. Whether it’s your busy work schedule or other commitments, sometimes those grand diving plans you make at the beginning of the year just don’t happen. How has your diving been this {…}

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